Welcome to the second round of blog entries!

Welcome to the second tranche of postings on the TSAS student-led blog! Our launch in February 2014 was incredibly successful. We generated 400 hits by over 200 users, in the first two days. This month we have published articles on a wide array of topics:

Defence Modernization, Poor Communication, and Arms Races
Countering Terror in 140 Characters or Less
Chemical Weapons and the Australia Group
Immigration Policy: Time to Connect the Dots
Undefined Lines: Cybersecurity and the Situation in Ukraine
The Arctic is Heating Up
National Security & the Muslim Community
The Branding of Terrorism: Innovation & the Marketplace

As per our vision we welcome submissions from a variety of people and as a network TSAS considers it important that diverse views and perspectives are brought to the blog. We do remind our readers that all blog entries – whether by our regular bloggers or guest bloggers – are solely the ideas of the individual writer and do not reflect the views of TSAS, or other bloggers.

We welcome your participation in the blog. Join the conversation!

Photo by  Susan NYC via Flickr.

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