Review: TSAS Workshop March 3, 2017

On Friday March 3, 2017, a TSAS Workshop was held in Ottawa, which featured the findings of eight TSAS funded research projects. Speakers from universities across Canada shared their findings with Academic Affiliates and representatives of government partners.

The agenda anticipated a broad variety of themes. NPSIA’s Jeremy Littlewood presented on the emergent risks and the effectiveness of existing mechanisms within Canada’s anti-terrorism financing regime. Another presentation, focusing on how to develop best practices for counter-terrorism in Canada, consisted out of Stephen Hart from Simon Fraser University and Ron Levi from the Munk School of Global Affairs. Afternoon presentations were dedicated to examining possible preconditions for terrorism in Canada. One of the speakers, Tufyal Choudhury, spoke on the impact of Muslim Civil Society Organizations in shaping counter-terrorism police. Finally, the day wrapped up with a discussion on the future of terrorism in Canada. The speakers looked at both Islamic and Right-Wing terrorism.

The whole day was an incredible opportunity for Junior Affiliates, including the TSAS Blog team, to learn from and interact with other affiliates as the workshops aim at generating discussions. We want to thank the TSAS team for putting on this wonderful event.

Interested in attending events like these? Then become and affiliate! All those researching, studying, teaching or working in applied policy making are eligible for affiliation. Check out for details.


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