About TSAS


The Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security & Society

TSAS is an independent organization that engages in policy-relevant research and dissemination of information related  to terrorism, security and society. It serves as the first Canadian interdisciplinary network and information hub in the field.

The TSAS Network fosters communication and collaboration between academic researchers and policy officials in Canada, and builds links with these topics in other countries. TSAS also aims to cultivate a new generation of scholars by providing training and opportunities to participate in network events, and by supporting original research and administering open calls for proposals.

TSAS was created out of the pressing need to develop a better understanding of the causes, nature, and consequences of home-grown terrorism. TSAS is dedicated to exploring: i) processes of terrorist radicalization, ii) the security response and iii) relevant developments within the affected communities and civil society. We investigate each of these issues in detail, but also — critically — the ways in which they intersect. This is a new approach in Canadian scholarship, since traditionally researchers have tended to focus on only one of these areas of concern.

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