Contribute | Submission Guidelines

The TSAS student blog accepts submissions from graduate students, professors and professionals. Our objective is to facilitate research and discussion on issues related to terrorism, security and society in Canada. Feel free to submit an article to the editors at any time at tsasblog[at]gmail[dot]com. 

Submission length:

The average blog post should be approximately 750 words. However, this is just a general guideline. We welcome pitches and submissions for long-read or shorter pieces. Please contact the editorial staff at tsasblog[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to submit a substantially longer piece.


Sources within posts should be hyperlinked within the document (like this). If referring to books our print articles, please specify all details necessary for the reader to find the source within the text of the blog. This means at minimum the author and title. We do not require this to be done in a formal citation style, and prefer it to flow organically within the text of the post.

Peer Review:

All submissions are undergo a peer review process. Another graduate student will read your post and provide feedback on spelling, grammar and substantive issues. The peer review process is to ensure quality of posts. Since this is a graduate student blog, we also see the peer review process as an opportunity for learning. Both the writer and reviewer benefit from the exercise.

Details from author:

We require your affiliation with each entry. If you are a first time contributor, please submit a brief (150 word) biography in the third-person.


English and French are both accepted.