Welcome to the TSAS Blog

Welcome to the blog of the TSAS students, affiliates, and contributors to the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society.

Since its launch in April 2012 TSAS has expanded into a network encompassing over ninety affiliates across Canada and has partnership agreements with ten government departments and agencies and six international centres.

This student-led blog is intended to facilitate the objectives of the network, principally to develop the domestic research capacity and knowledge mobilization mechanisms required to shape and support a more sophisticated and distinctively Canadian approach to understanding and countering terrorism, while assuring the fullest possible protection of our human rights. The blog should serve as a source of information on a range of topics for interested but not expert individuals about the many facets of terrorism and counterterrorism.

As a network no individual speaks for TSAS. There is no “TSAS view” to promote, adhere to, or challenge.

The network of over ninety affiliates is comprised of individuals: some are faculty in universities across Canada; others are retired faculty; many are graduate students engaged in PhD research or completing graduate courses. The blog is a public resource, part of the efforts of the network to mobilize knowledge, disseminate research findings, and provide a forum for sharing information, viewpoints, and analysis to facilitate understanding of terrorism and its impact on Canadian security and society.

As such the TSAS Executive Committee hope the contributors to the blog will help shape and support our understanding of terrorism and the means by which it can be countered while assuring the fullest possible protection of our civil liberties and human rights.

Jez Littlewood
TSAS Executive Committee Member

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  Photo by  andreasivarsson


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